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Ezio Mobile Protector and Secure Messenger SDK v4.2 on Windows Mobile are now available!

Ezio Mobile Protector and Secure Messenger SDK v4.2 on Windows Mobile are available today! These new releases enable banks using SafeNet Authentication Services (SAS) to use Ezio Mobile to provision keys and authenticate users, thanks to support for Dynamic Symmetric Key Provisioning Protocol (DSKPP). Ezio Mobile Protector and Secure Messenger…


Ezio Mobile Protector 4.3 is now available!

This version introduces choice, by enabling you to get Ezio Mobile Protector with or without Ezio Mobile FaceID. It replaces both Ezio Mobile Protector 4.2 and Ezio Mobile Protector 4.1.1. It also presents some minor bug fixes, and provides: – Even greater security by preventing man-in-the-middle attacks through DSKPP enhancements…


Ezio Mobile Secure Messenger v1.4 is now available!

This new version of Ezio Mobile Secure Messenger provides a richer notification user interface, enabling one-click confirmation, without launching the application in the foreground. It does this by enhancing the push notification mechanism to support the inclusion of a backend message inside the notification itself.


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