Improved KMIP Performance and HSM Interoperability Now Available through SafeNet KeySecure 8.4

SafeNet KeySecure and SafeNet Virtual KeySecure 8.4 are now available and offer the following benefits and features:

  • Additional KMIP Functionality:  KMIP Messaging Framework provides a superior foundation for advancing features outlined in the OASIS KMIP specification to match any functionality required by our customers
  • Improved Interoperability between SafeNet Virtual KeySecure and CloudHSMs/SafeNet Network HSMs:
    • Specify Backup HSM: Ensure key requests and management continue in case of an outage with SafeNet KeySecure Admin High Availability (HA) configuration
    • Specify Timeout for HSM Connection Retry:  Specify the number of retries and period of time to re-establish an HSM connection          

For more information, please refer to the SafeNet KeySecure Product Brief; SafeNet Virtual KeySecure Product Brief; or the SafeNet KeySecure CRN and Admin Guide found on the support portal.