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Andrew Gertz is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Web Content Specialist for Identity and Data Protection at Gemalto. Blogs about anything that can help individuals keep their identities and data secure. When not researching SEO and security trends or working on Gemalto’s websites, you’ll find him kayaking, playing poker, travelling, or engaged in his latest hobby – trying to keep up with his son. Follow his personal tweets via @ACGertz.



Customer Release Notes Available for SafeNet ProtectApp v8.3 for JCE, .NET, and ICAPI

Customer release notes for SafeNet ProtectApp v8.3 for JCE, .NET, and ICAPI are now available for download. These are maintenance releases that include the following enhancements: SafeNet ProtectApp v8.3 JCE FPE alphanumeric support in local mode RSA/OAEP padding support in local mode RSA/PKCS1 padding in local mode KMIP username and…


Customer Release Notes Available for SafeNet Tokenization v8.3

Customer release notes for SafeNet Tokenization v8.3 are now available for download. This is a maintenance release that includes the following enhancements: Cassandra Token Vault support Password obfuscation Search enhancement and purge capability/utility Continued ecosystem expansion: SAP Other internal product enhancements Download Customer Release Notes.* Please review the Advisory Notes…


SSL v3.0 Vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566)

Many products implementing TLS-based services allow for fallback to SSL v3.0 for compatibility reasons.  CVE-2014-3566,  published 14 October 2014, identified a vulnerability that could expose systems to man-in-the-middle attacks when such fallback is permitted. Details can be found at: CVE-2014-3566. Exploitation of this vulnerability would require a sophisticated attacker to…


Welcome to Our Technical Updates Blog

Welcome to our new blog, Data Protection Technical Updates. Check this site often for information on new product releases, enhancements, patches, and more.