SafeNet Virtual KeySecure k170v v.1.0 GA Announcement

Gemalto is excited to announce the official release of the new SafeNet Virtual KeySecure k170v, which is built on prevailing cloud-based technologies — a key differentiator between the current k150v and k450v models and the next generation k170v model. 

SafeNet KeySecure k170v | Product Highlights

  • Built on cloud-based technologies (REST, JWT, Containers, Microservices)
  • Improved cloud support (AWS, VMware, Microsoft Azure, and OpenStack natively supported)
  • New management console UI
  • REST API / CLI Playground for developers
  • Support for Cloud-init
  • HSM integration (SafeNet Luna HSM 5 and 6, AWS CloudHSM)
  • New licensing engine for customers

Just like the existing SafeNet Virtual KeySecure products, the k170v model is a hardened virtual security appliance that provides organizations with a more operational – and expense-friendly alternative to using a hardware appliance for secure key management, as well as meeting security and compliance requirements. By using a virtual key manager instead of a hardware appliance, organizations can scale key management at remote facilities or across multiple cloud environments.  

For additional product and technical information, please read the SafeNet Virtual KeySecure Product Brief or visit the Gemalto website.  Product Release Notes can be found on the Gemalto Customer Support Portal. (Document number: KB0016048 Virtual KeySecure k170v Release Notes v1.0.0)*

Please contact the Gemalto Sales Representative in your area for k170v product inquiries, or submit an inquiry via the Contact Us form on the SafeNet Virtual KeySecure page.

*Note: Registered users may access the documents via the Gemalto Customer Support Portal. New users can visit the customer registration page to create an account.