Enrollment & Provisioning Server 2.9.2 is now available!

This new version of Enrollment & Provisioning Server (EPS) brings the following improvements:

More choice: Banks can now choose the perfect HSM for their needs, as EPS now supports the following, on top of the HSMs it already supported previously: Thales nShield, SafeNet Luna Network (models 5 & 6), and SafeNet Cryptovisor/DPoD.

Enhanced security:

o The new version of EPS no longer uses PANs/PSNs in CAP token IDs, thereby avoiding unnecessary disclosure of this sensitive information in APIs and logs.

o Token metadata in the database is now encrypted for better protection.

Better monitoring:

o This version includes new APIs to monitor the server status, enabling banks to get better information of potential issues once the server is live.

o Banks can now easily build reports and get statistics – such as the number of tokens provisioned. – thanks to new structured logs showing all operations processed by the server.

More flexibility: Do two banks use the same virtual PAN? Does one bank need two domains for the same customer, so that, for example, the help desk can log in as the customer, but with a different key? The technical difficulties that these situations posed previously (for banks using the CAP algorithm) have now vanished, as this new version of EPS allows the same PAN/PSN to be used in multiple domains.

Feel free to contact your support team or account manager to find out more.