SafeNet KeySecure v 8.10.0 GA Announcement

Gemalto is pleased to announce that SafeNet KeySecure version 8.10.0 is now available for the following physical appliances:

  • SafeNet KeySecure k460 (R320 and R330 chassis)
  • SafeNet KeySecure k450 (R320 and R330 chassis)
  • SafeNet KeySecure k250

Virtual deployments are also available through SafeNet Virtual KeySecure on AWS and VMware.

Below are new feature enhancements available in the SafeNet KeySecure 8.10.0 release:

  • Password Management Settings for Local Users: Added password management settings for local users in the Management Console.
  • Support for Password Authentication for KMIP Server: Added password authentication for KMIP server in the Management Console.
  • Support for SSL Cert:  Use existing SSL certificates for web admin certificates.
  • Support Key Wrap Format for SHA1 Algorithm: SafeNet KeySecure now supports the wrap format PKCS1v2.1/RSAOAEP for SHA1.
  • Key Wrapping for Asymmetric Keys: SafeNet KeySecure now supports wrapping of asymmetric keys by using AES-256 keys.
  • New Objects: Support added for new objects in naeSoftwareObjects and naeHardwareObjects for SNMP MIB Walk.
  • Batching Requests: Support added for batching of multiple data sections for ECIES cryptographic operation requests.
  • Strong Key Exchange Algorithm: Support added for Strong Key Exchange algorithm. For more information on Strong Key Exchange algorithms, refer to Chapter 34, “SSL” in the SafeNet KeySecure Appliance Administration Guide available on the Support Portal (Document Number: 007-012568-002)

Support Announcement:

SafeNet KeySecure no longer supports SSL 3.0 protocol or RC4 Cipher for SSL communications.

For a full list of product enhancements and issues resolved in this release, please refer to the customer release notes available on the Gemalto Customer Support Portal:

  • KeySecure 8.10.0 Appliance Customer Release Notes (Document Part Number: 007-000155-001 Rev. A).

This release is compatible with the following SafeNet Data Protection portfolio client platforms and versions:

  • ProtectFile-Linux 8.10.0
  • ProtectFile-Windows 8.10.0
  • ProtectDB SQL Server 8.10.0
  • ProtectDB Oracle 8.10.0
  • ProtectDB DB2 8.7.0
  • ProtectDB Teradata 8.5.0
  • ProtectApp-JCE 8.10.0
  • ProtectApp-.Net 8.10.0
  • ProtectApp-ICAPI 8.10.0
  • Tokenization Manager 8.10.0
  • SafeNet ProtectV

Older versions of the SafeNet client platforms are also expected to work with SafeNet KeySecure 8.10.0.

For a full list of supported upgrade and migration paths for customers, please read the customer release notes, available on the Gemalto Customer Support Portal.