MobilePASS 8.3.5 for iOS

An updated version of MobilePASS 8.3.5 for iOS will be available from the app stores starting March 3rd, 2014.  We have started the submission process for the App store, and the new version will be available to users based on store approval timelines.

Updated Operating Systems:

  • iOS

This release is a maintenance release and will address the following items:

  • MPGA-250          Ability to copy the OTP passcode from the App screen to another application
  • MPGA-449          Improved guidance for end users when setting new token PINs, based on server policy
  • MPGA-448          Ability to change token PIN and set a new PIN, when initial PIN is alphanumeric.

Tokens which have already been activated with a previous release of MobilePASS will be migrated to the upgraded version automatically.

Additional details are available in the Customer Release Notes available via the following links: