SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) PCE 3.3.2 Release Announcement


An updated version of SafeNet Authentication Service PCE 3.3.2 is now available. SAS PCE v.3.3.2 is an update from the previous release version 3.3.1, and includes some major enhancements and improvements. This release also includes fixes for several customer reported issues.

New features in SAS PCE 3.3.2 include:

Platform support Updates

  • Server Support for Windows Server 2012, & R2.

Agent Updates

  • Authentication Agents (IIS, OWA, IAS/NPS) support for Windows Server 2012, & R2.
  • Windows Logon Agent support for Windows 8/8.1.
  • Sync agent Support- Windows Server 2012,&R2. Sync Agent Support for- MS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL.
  • Platform support for new Agents- IBM Security Access manager (ISAM) and Microsoft ADFS.
  • Improvements in SDK/API, Windows Logon and Shibboleth Agents
  • Shibboleth Agent Enhancement includes support for Idp initiated Logon.

Database Updates

  •  PCE Package Database updated to PostgreSQL v9.3.
  • Server Database Support for Microsoft MS-SQL Server 2012

Software Token Updates

  • MobilePASS Software Tokens:  support, enable and disable of Trivial PIN policy individually for Numeric and Alphanumeric PINs.

A more detailed feature list is available in the Customer Release Notice (CRN) with the SAS PCE 3.3.2 installation package.

Customers can download the installation package from SafeNet’s Customer Support portal