SafeNet MobilePASS Release Updates – iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows

We would like to advise you that updated versions of MobilePASS for the platforms detailed below will be available on the respective App stores in the coming week:

  • MobilePass 8.3.5 for Android
  • MobilePASS 8.3.7 for Windows Desktops
  • MobilePASS 8.3.4 for BlackBerry Java
  • MobilePass 8.3.6 for iOS

We will be submitting the updated applications to the stores in a week and the availability will be at the discretion of the App Store approvals.

These are minor updates to the existing versions and include following fixes:

  • MobilePASS for BlackBerry Java platform:

 Enhancements to the PIN complexity feature support the enabling and disabling of non-trivial PINs for numeric or alphanumeric PINs (MPGA-340).

  • MobilePASS for BlackBerry Java, Windows Desktop, Android and iOS platforms:

 Enhancements to the SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) server side PIN policy support for MobilePASS (SAS-292, MPGA-293, MPGA-507).


  • Upgrade advisory:

Upgrade of already activated tokens from existing version of the application to these latest versions of MobilePASS is supported.