EOS/EOL Announcement for ProtectServer Internal Express and ProtectServer External

SafeNet announces the end-of-sale and end-of-life dates for all versions of ProtectServer Internal Express and ProtectServer External. The last day to order the affected product(s) is November 13, 2014. Customers with active maintenance contracts will continue to receive support from SafeNet as outlined in this announcement.

Table 1 describes the end-of-life milestones, definitions, and dates for the affected product(s). Table 2 lists the product part numbers affected by this announcement. For customers with active and paid service and support contracts, support will be available until the termination date of the contract, even if this date exceeds the Last Date of Support shown in the following table:
Table 1

Milestone Date
End-of-Life Announcement Date 4th June, 2014
End-of-Sale Date 4th December, 2014
Start of Best Effort Support January, 2016
Last Possible Maintenance Renewal January, 2019
End-of-Life January, 2020


ProtectServer customers are encouraged to migrate to ProtectServer Internal Express 2 or ProtectServer External 2. In addition to providing the same security features as the ProtectServer Internal Express, ProtectServer Internal Express 2 offers:

  • Enhanced server hardware compatibility
  • Faster cryptographic performance and enhanced algorithm support

For more information on features and migration procedures, please contact your Safenet Sales representative.


Affected Products

The ProtectServer part numbers affected by this announcement are listed in the following table:

Table 2

End-of-Sale Part Number

934-000007-001 PSI-E SFF,PL25,FW3.00.03,ROHS
934-000008-001 PSI-E SFF,PL220,FW3.00.03,ROHS
934-000009-001 PSI-E SFF,PL600,FW3.00.03,ROHS
934-000010-001 PSI-E SFF,TOOLKIT V4.00.00,PL25,FW3.00.03,ROHS
934-000011-001 PSI-E SFF,TOOLKIT V4.00.00,PL220,FW3.00.03,ROHS
934-000012-001 PSI-E SFF,TOOLKIT V4.00.00,PL600,FW3.00.03,ROHS
934-000009-002 PSI-E SFF,PL600,FW3.10.02,ROHS
934-000008-002 PSI-E SFF,PL220,FW3.10.02,ROHS
934-000007-002 PSI-E SFF,PL25,FW3.10.02,ROHS
934-000007-003 PSI-E SFF,PL25,FW3.10.05,ROHS
934-000010-003 PSI-E SFF,TOOLKIT V4.1.1,PL25,FW3.10.05,ROHS
934-000008-003 PSI-E SFF,PL220,FW3.10.05,ROHS
934-000011-003 PSI-E SFF,TOOLKIT V4.1.1,PL220,FW3.10.05,ROHS
934-000009-003 PSI-E SFF,PL600,FW3.10.05,ROHS
934-000012-003 PSI-E SFF,TOOLKIT V4.1.1,PL600,FW3.10.05,ROHS
934-000007-004 PSI-E SFF,PL25,FW3.11.02,ROHS
934-000008-004 PSI-E SFF,PL220,FW3.11.02,ROHS
934-000009-004 PSI-E SFF,PL600,FW3.11.02,ROHS
934-000010-004 PSI-E SFF,TOOLKIT V4.1.1,PL25,FW3.11.02,ROHS
934-000011-004 PSI-E SFF,TOOLKIT V4.1.1,PL220,FW3.11.02,ROHS
934-000012-004 PSI-E SFF,TOOLKIT V4.1.1,PL600,FW3.11.02,ROHS
934-000007-005 PSI-E SFF,PL25,FW3.20.00,ROHS
934-000008-005 PSI-E SFF,PL220,FW3.20.00,ROHS
934-000009-005 PSI-E SFF,PL600,FW3.20.00,ROHS
934-000010-005 PSI-E SFF,TOOLKIT V4.2,PL25,FW3.20.00,ROHS
934-000011-005 PSI-E SFF,TOOLKIT V4.2,PL220,FW3.20.00,ROHS
934-000012-005 PSI-E SFF,TOOLKIT V4.2,PL600,FW3.20.00,ROHS
934-000011-006 PSI-E SFF,TOOLKIT V4.3,PL220,FW3.20.00/3.20.03
934-000010-006 PSI-E SFF,TOOLKIT V4.3,PL25,FW3.20.00/3.20.03
934-000012-006 PSI-E SFF,TOOLKIT V4.3,PL600,FW3.20.00/3.20.03
934-000056-001 PSE V4.2,PL25,FW3.20.00,ROHS
934-000057-001 PSE V4.2,TOOLKIT V4.2,PL25,FW3.20.00,ROHS
934-000062-001 PSE V4.2,PL220,FW3.20.00,ROHS
934-000063-001 PSE V4.2,TOOLKIT V4.2,PL220,FW3.20.00,ROHS
934-000064-001 PSE V4.2,PL600,FW3.20.00,ROHS
934-000065-001 PSE V4.2,TOOLKIT V4.2,PL600,FW3.20.00,ROHS
934-000057-002 PSE V4.3,TOOLKIT V4.3,PL25,FW3.20.00,ROHS
934-000063-002 PSE V4.3,TOOLKIT V4.3,PL220,FW3.20.00,ROHS
934-000065-002 PSE V4.3,TOOLKIT V4.3,PL600,FW3.20.00,ROHS
934-000056-002 PSE V4.3.1,PL25,FW3.20.00
934-000062-002 PSE V4.3.1,PL220,FW3.20.00
934-000064-002 PSE V4.3.1,PL600,FW3.20.00