Encrypt Everywhere High Speed Encryptors – CN4010 Now Available


We are excited to announce the release of the CN4010. The newest High Speed Encryptor (HSE) combines best-in-class security, near-zero data overhead, microsecond latency and consistent, reliable high-performance to provide the ideal data security solution for even the most cost-sensitive, demanding enterprises and government environments.

Setting a new benchmark for price and performance, the CN4010 is a versatile, cost-effective and simple to use platform that is user-configurable to provide highly secure, full line rate transparent encryption over Ethernet from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Designed to be FIPS 140-2 L3 and Common Criteria certified, the CN4010 enables cost-effective security and performance without compromise.

A desktop device, the CN4010 is designed as an entry-level HSE solution for commercial Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) sector customers or larger organizations with modest network needs; and is also suited to widely-distributed computing environments and multiple office locations. As with the CN6000 Series, this appliance is supported by both our management platforms – SMC and CM7, and is interoperable with the legacy devices too.


    • Affordable Network Encryption – We now have a range of affordable network encryption options available to suit your requirements. The CN4010 is targeted at SMEs but is perfectly suited to even the most secure commercial and government organizations as there is no compromise on security or performance. And we’ve reduced the price on our higher-end CN6000 Series encryptors by up to 47% so “encryption everywhere” can be an affordable reality.
    • Metadata Encryption– SafeNet is the only organization to offer metadata protection to the commercial Ethernet encryption market. While encryption mitigates exposure, attackers are still able to intercept communications and examine the traffic patterns to deduce information through traffic analysis. The patterns of data are often just as useful to hackers as the data itself. In TRANSEC mode the encryptor generates fixed size encrypted Ethernet frames at a constant frame rate from the network port irrespective of the frame sizes and rates received on the local port. The entire Ethernet frame received on the local port is encrypted so that no MAC addresses or header information are exposed. With SafeNet’s TRANSEC (Transmission Security) protection, you can ensure your data, and your metadata, is secure. This unique capability is available across the newest HSE devices, namely the CN4010, CN6010, CN6040 and the CN6100.

Additional enhancements to the HSE product range included in this release are:

    • Replay Protection – A common mechanism to prevent a replay attack is to track the expected sequence number at the receiver and discard any frames with “old” sequence numbers. This is called replay protection with strict ordering.
    • Timezone control – The ability to set a timezone or offset from GMT/UTC has been added.
    • GCM – GCM provides authenticated encryption by calculating a Galois Message Authentication Code (GMAC) over a portion of a frame and appends the GMAC to the frame. When GCM mode is enabled the entire L2 frame will be authenticated by default.
    • Backup and Restore of configuration – The ability to perform a backup and restore of an encryptor’s configuration has been added.
    • QKD on CN6000 Series with V3 certificates – QKD operation has been added to the CN6000 Series with V3 certificates.
      VLAN – QKD operation is now supported in VLAN mode.
    • Local Activation – The activate –l command allows a user to change the default administrator credentials via the CLI. This enables a user to activate and certify an encryptor without the use of our management platforms – CM7 or SMC.
    • For more information registered customers can download the Customer Release Notes from the Service Portal, using document ID numbers DOW3336 and DOW3337.


The CN4010 is available today (and will be reflected in the July price list). Until July, please contact your account manager or product management for pricing quotes.