KeySecure 8.0 and Crypto Pack Now Available

Introducing the New SafeNet Crypto Pack Encryption Licensing Option for KeySecure 8.0

With the introduction of SafeNet Crypto Operations Upgrade Pack (Crypto Pack), and the new release of KeySecure 8.0, customers can now leverage SafeNet’s entire portfolio of encryption connectors including ProtectDB, ProtectFile, Tokenization Manager and ProtectApp, as well as continued support for ProtectV, StorageSecure, and a growing number of integration partners, centrally from one platform — both on-premises and in the cloud.

With KeySecure 8.0 customers can take advantage of:

    • Expanded Use Case Coverage: flexible encryption and key management solutions to support your growing use cases all from one appliance—including support through Crypto Pack.
    • Growing Technology Integration Ecosystem: the market leader with the most storage, application, and database integrations.
    • Route to Cloud: continued migration path to the cloud with appliance options in hardware and virtual—with the same encryption and key management functionality and performance.
    • High Assurance Options: increase the level of security, on-premises and in the cloud, through HSM.

Upgrading to KeySecure 8.0 and Crypto Pack

Existing KeySecure and Virtual KeySecure customers can easily take advantage of KeySecure 8.0 with Crypto Pack today by upgrading their current hardware, migrating to new hardware, or taking advantage of our cloud offerings through AWS Marketplace and VMware.

For more information contact your SafeNet Representative.