SafeNet Authentication Manager (SAM) Maintenance Release (Sep 2014)

The SafeNet Authentication Manager (SAM) Maintenance Release is now available for download from our SafeNet Support Portal.

To access the installation package, browse the Public Knowledge base and search for the entry DOW2508.

New Features

SafeNet Authentication Manager 8.2 offers the following new features:

    • MobilePASS automatic enrollment via proxy – A new policy was added to the TPO under the MobilePASS section allowing administrators to define a proxy URL. The proxy URL will be used for the automatic enrollment of MobilePASS.
    • eToken 7300 is now supported on SAM – eToken 7300 connector was added to SAM to support the management of SafeNet eToken 7300 tokens, including:
    – Token initialization and partitioning
    – Remote DVD partition update
    – Certificate lifecycle management
    • Granular control over the initialization flag during enrollment – A new roll was added to the Authorization Manager. This role can be assigned to a group of users who will not be able to set the initialize token checkbox.

Note: SafeNet’s Support Portal is open to registered users only.