MobilePASS for iOS Release Update

We would like to advise you that an updated version of MobilePASS Version 8.4 for iOS will be available on the App stores from tomorrow, October 21, 2014.

New Features and Enhancements

MobilePASS Version 8.4 for iOS includes the following features:

    • iOS 8 – MobilePASS now supports iOS 8.
    • MobilePASS Version 8.4 for iOS is based on Apple iOS CoreCrypto modules which are FIPS 140-2 L1 compliant for all cryptographic operations.
    • Time-based security enhancements – Time hacking countermeasures have been implemented, alerting users on the possibility that their device has been compromised, and that future OTPs were generated. See Time based security enhancement scenario on page 3 for more information.
    • Event-based security enhancements – Event-based tokens can now be configured to support a delay in pre-defined number of seconds before another OTP is generated.

Authentication Server Compatibility

MobilePASS Version 8.4 for iOS is supported by the SafeNet Authentication servers listed below.

    • SafeWord Premier Access and later

    • SafeWord 2008/SafeNet Authentication Manager Express and later

    • SafeNet Authentication Manager 8.0 and later

    • SafeNet Authentication Service PCE/SPE 3.3
    • SafeNet Authentication Service Cloud

Upgrade Advisory

    • Upgrade of already activated tokens to MobilePASS 8.4 is supported from MobilePASS 8.2 and above.

    • If users uninstall MobilePASS or switch back to a previous MobilePASS version (8.1, 8.2, 8.2.1, or 8.3.2), the tokens that were imported previously cannot be retrieved; they must be reactivated.