SafeNet Ethernet Encryptor (SEE) Family End-of-Sale/End-of-Life

This communication announces the End-of-Sale/End-of-Life (EOS/EOL) for the SafeNet Ethernet Encryptor (SEE) family.

We will be transitioning to the CN Series platforms, a completely backward compatible solution with best in class security and performance in addition to the full range of security certifications. SafeNet CN Series Layer 2 high speed encryptors (HSE) ensure the most secure data-in-motion protection, maximum performance, near-zero overhead with “set and forget” management, and lowest total cost of ownership.

SEE Platforms for EOS:

    • SEE BO 10
    • SEE BO 100
    • SEE Model 600 (100Mbps/1Gbps)
    • SEE Model 650 (10Gbps)

The following are key dates in the EOS process:

Milestone Date
End-of-Sale Date (LTB) December 31, 2015*
Start of Good Faith Support January 1, 2016
End-of-Life/End-of-Support December 31, 2020

*Note: Deadline may extend based on availability.

Following is a list of HSE part numbers affected by this announcement including, but not limited to, the part numbers listed in the table below:


Part Number SafeNet
943-50201-004 SEE, BRANCH OFFICE 10, 10MBPS, External AC, V2.0
943-50211-001 SEE, BRANCH OFFICE 100, 100MBPS, AC, V2.0
943-51131-001 SEE, 100 MBPS, AC, V4.0
943-51131-207 SEE, 100 MBPS, Dual AC, V4.0
943-51131-002 SEE, 200 MBPS, AC, V4.0
943-51132-207 SEE, 200 MBPS, Dual AC, V4.0
943-51151-001 SEE, 1GBPS, AC, V4.0
943-51151-207 SEE, 1GBPS, Dual AC, V4.0
943-53371-201 SEE, 10GBPS, Dual AC, V4.0


Alternative Products:

Customers using these products are encouraged to migrate to our newest ranges:

    • CN4010
    • CN6010
    • CN6040
    • CN6100

SafeNet HSE products combine certified best-in-class security, zero data overhead, microsecond latency and the performance for the most time-sensitive and secure communications required by global financial networks and the world’s largest Internet companies. The CN4010 and CN6000 Series encryptors help companies encrypt an even broader range of network traffic across more location types – from the branch office to the data center at speeds from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

For more information on features and migration procedures, please contact your SafeNet Sales representative.