StorageSecure 1.4.69 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of StorageSecure 1.4.69. A highlight of the latest release is the ability to optimize performance profiles. The Performance Profile capability enables administrators to best allocate resources, whether this is to a small number of dedicated servers designed to throughput data as fast as possible, or to maximize accessibility to thousands of concurrent users. In addition, this release continues to offer further enhanced performance for Windows file shares.

The release and documentation is available on the SafeNet Support Portal login required.

StorageSecure 1.4.69 Full Package – DOW3567

StorageSecure 1.4.69 Customer Release Notes (CRN) Rev B – DOW3568 

StorageSecure 1.4.69 Interoperability Matrix Summary – DOW3569

StorageSecure 1.4.69 User’s Guide Rev E –  DOW3570 

StorageSecure 1.4.69 CLI Reference Guide – DOW3571 

StorageSecure 1.4.69 S280 FW Only – DOW3572 

StorageSecure 1.4.69 S220 FW Only – DOW3573