SafeNet MobilePASS 8.4 for Windows Store Release Update

At the beginning of January, we published MobilePASS 8.4 on the Windows Phone Store, targeting mobile phone users. We are now publishing MobilePASS 8.4 on the Windows Store. This distribution is targeted primarily at Windows RT users, and will be available from 5th February, 2015.

Microsoft offers three distribution channels for Windows 8.1, based on the type of end device being used.

    • Windows Phone Store is used to distribute apps for phones running Windows Phone OS
    • Windows Store is used to distribute apps for devices running Windows RT and Windows OS
    • Distribution of standard executable files for devices running Windows OS

Following is a summary of MobilePASS 8.4 releases for the various Windows distributions.

MobilePASS Version Windows Distribution Target Comment
SafeNet MobilePASS for Windows Store Windows Store Devices running Windows RT To be released February 5, 2015
MobilePASS 8.4 for Windows Store
SafeNet MobilePASS for Windows Phone Windows Phone Store Phones running Windows Phone OS Latest release in January, 2015
MobilePASS 8.4 for Windows Phone
MobilePASS for Windows Desktop Executable File Devices running Windows OS Available for download from the SafeNet Support Portal (DOW3451). Latest release in September, 2014

During MobilePASS activation, SAS refers users to the correct store based on the device they are using.

New Features and Enhancements

    • Management Platform Support – SafeNet Authentication Service (Cloud and PCE), SAM, SAMx, SPA
    • OS compatibility: All Windows 8.1 devices and later are supported
    • Enhanced UI leveraging Microsoft Metro design language
    • Support for Event-based (HOTP), Time based (TOTP) and C-R (OCRA) tokens
    • Support for FIPS 140-2 Level 1 cryptographic libraries
    • Security enhancements for Time and Event-based tokens
    • Default token name is taken from the user name as configured in SAS
    • Multi-Token support: The MobilePASS application can be used to create and enroll multiple MobilePASS tokens. All these tokens are identified by the unique token name. Each of the MobilePASS tokens has its own policy, PIN etc. and works independently.
    • Support for token administration driven by MobilePASS token policy: Various attributes of the token such as the token type, OTP length, PIN length, attack lockout, attack delay, PIN change etc. are derived from the MobilePASS token policy.
    • Support for auto-enrollment via DSKPP mechanism: MobilePASS 8.4 supports the DSKPP based mechanism for auto-enrollment.

Transition Path for Existing Customers

SafeNet MobilePASS 8.4 for Windows Store is not an upgrade to MobilePASS 8.4 for Windows Desktop. It is a separate and new application.

The transition path for existing customers is as follows:

Current OS Description Comment
Devices running Windows 8.1 Users with devices running Windows 8.1 can switch to SafeNet MobilePASS 8.4 for Windows Store or continue using MobilePASS 8.4 for Windows Desktop when applicable.

MobilePASS 8.4 for Windows Desktop and SafeNet MobilePASS 8.4 for Windows Store can be installed side by side on the same device (with supported devices).

Note: SAS Cloud redirects Windows RT only devices to the Windows Store.

Additional details of this release are available in the Customer Release Notes.