StorageSecure 1.4.83 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of StorageSecure 1.4.83. As per the previous release, v.1.4.83 continues to offer enhanced functionality and performance in particular for Windows file shares. The release also includes memory improvements and security patches.

The following release and documentation are available (to registered users) on our Service Portal:

    • StorageSecure 1.4.83 Full Package, DOW3611
    • StorageSecure 1.4.83 User’s Guide, DOW3612
    • StorageSecure 1.4.83 CLI Reference Guide,DOW3613
    • StorageSecure 1.4.83 S220 FW Only, DOW3614
    • StorageSecure 1.4.83 S280 FW Only, DOW3615
    • StorageSecure 1.4.83 Full Customer Release Notes (CRN) Rev A, DOW3616

Please review the Advisory Notes and the Resolved and Known Issues sections of the release notes for any limitations and/or restrictions.