Customer Release Notes Available for ProtectV v2.0

ProtectV v2.0 customer release notes for both AWS and VMware are available for download.
This is a GA release offering the following new features and enhancements:

    • Scale to 2000+ clients per ProtectV Manager Instance: Support the “Monday morning experience” and other spikes in demand with ability to scale to 2000+ clients per ProtectV Manager instance
    • Unlimited Cloning: Clone an unlimited number of virtual machine instances when your datacenter needs additional compute power
    • Native re-keying support for Windows: Windows instances now have the ability to re-key while running. Clone an encrypted instance and set it to re-key while running to create a uniquely encrypted instance
    • 64-bit Support: The ProtectV Manager is now a 64-bit virtual machine, and can be deployed in AWS regions where only 64-bit is supported
    • Manage instances from different zones: ProtectV Manager can now manage AWS instances in different regions
    • Filter on encrypted instances: ProtectV Manager now offers a filter to list only machines that have the ProtectV client installed, making it easier and faster to identify and manage encrypted instances
    • Ubuntu LTS base: Ubuntu LTS is now the base operating system, allowing you to deploy instances on a known and reliable operating system
    • Improved set-up experience: Additional performance and usability enhancements, including an improved user interface and faster ProtectV manager performance

Download customer release notes for AWS and VMware here:

Please review the Advisory Notes and the Resolved and Known Issues sections of the release notes for any limitations and/or restrictions.*Note: Registered users may access the documents via the SafeNet Support Portal. Should you need assistance logging in, please contact the SafeNet Support team at 800-545-6608 (US customers) or +1 410-931-752 (International customers).