SafeNet Authentication Service PCE/SPE v3.4- Product Release Communication

We are excited to let you know that SafeNet Authentication Service Private Cloud Edition and Service Provider Edition Version 3.4 will be available for download from the SafeNet Support Portal (DOW3646) from 21th April 2015.

This release includes core capabilities that were previously released with SafeNet Authentication Service Cloud Edition versions 3.3.3 and 3.4

    • Differential Synchronization: Synchronization of SAS user data has been enhanced so that only changed user records are synchronized, resulting in less network traffic and reduced sync time. Reduced system load also increases the reliability of sync services.
    This requires using SAS Synchronization Agent version 3.4, which is packaged with this release.
    • Synchronizing LDAP Nested Groups: Included SAS Synchronization Agent has been enhanced to allow syncing of LDAP users from nested groups, where users may be members of a group that is a member of another group.
    • Support for French Language: Operators can choose to use the Administration Console in French, and pre-defined French language settings are available for the Self-Service Portal.
    • Enhancements to Provisioning and Self-Enrollment: Provisioning reminders can be automatically sent to users before expiration of their provisioning task, and operators can resend token provisioning tasks to alternate email addresses.
    • External RADIUS Attribute Pass-Through: When authenticating RADIUS tokens, RADIUS attributes are passed back to the RADIUS client that were received from an external RADIUS server. This functionality can be useful with migrations from other vendors’ authentication solutions.

    Note that this feature is not available in SafeNet Authentication Service Cloud Edition version 3.4, and is planned for the next feature release.

    For the complete list of improvements and bug fixes please refer to the CRN.

    Download Information

    The SAS PCE download link has been updated to reflect the latest package.

    Additionally, customers can download the latest agent and server binaries from the Service Portal.