Gemalto SafeNet Luna HSM 6 Released

Gemalto SafeNet Luna HSM 6 Released

Gemalto is proud to announce the release of Gemalto SafeNet Luna HSM 6. This software-only release is available for Gemalto SafeNet Luna PCIe, Luna G5, and Luna SA, and offers improved scalability, performance and management capabilities. Gemalto SafeNet Luna HSM 6 can be downloaded from the Gemalto SafeNet customer portal.

For cloud environments, Gemalto SafeNet Luna SA 6 now offers customers increased scale and multi-tenancy capabilities with the following capabilities:

  • Support for up to 100 HSM partitions
  • Enhanced administrative separation of duty and control with the introduction of a Security Officer Per Partition
  • Enhanced management capabilities such as improved SNMP, Luna SA Port Bonding and updated platform support

Download the Gemalto SafeNet Luna HSM 6 Product Brief to learn more!

For more information on SafeNet Luna HSM 6, please reach out to your SafeNet account representative.