SafeNet StorageSecure Product Update

SafeNet StorageSecure Product Update

Core Business Focus

Following extensive feedback from the field and thorough examination by the Product Management team, we have decided to focus the future development of SafeNet StorageSecure in Windows environments (CIFS).  As this is where most of our customers are storing their data, and are pleased with the product performance, we are going to hone in on our core business and continue to develop a superior product that provides the high quality and exceptional value for which Gemalto is renowned. In addition, we will continue to develop UNIX environments (NFS). 

We are conscious that we do have customers using other protocols, namely iSCSI, IPSEC and DOSIX (HTTP, FTP and TFTP) so we will be working closely with the sales teams and the customers to help ensure continued satisfaction. 

Battery Update

We are pleased to announce that SafeNet StorageSecure is now available with a new battery. The previous battery was defined as HAZMAT Class 9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods. As such, transportation was controlled and governed by various regulatory authorities, and resulted in many delays at Customs Authorities, etc. The new battery is also smaller and lighter in weight than the previous version.

Affected Part Numbers

Please note that as a result of the battery update, there will be a change to suffix in the SafeNet StorageSecure part numbers in the table below.  This means that all affected part numbers ending in -001 will no longer be available and will be replaced by part numbers ending -003 e.g. 947-000044-001-001 will be updated to 947-000044-001-003. Part numbers ending in -002 will remain unchanged. 

Affected SafeNet StorageSecure Part Numbers





We remain dedicated to our customers and to ensuring that their data, wherever it resides, is secure, and to supporting their needs throughout the data and product lifecycles. Please do not hesitate to contact your regional sales manager for any questions.