CN8000: New Multi-Link Ethernet Encryptor With Up To 100 Gbps Total Encrypted Bandwidth – 10 by 10 Gbps

Fast Track to High Speed Network Encryption

New Multi-Link Ethernet Encryptor With Up To 100 Gbps Total Encrypted Bandwidth – 10 by 10 Gbps


Large-Scale Data Network Security is Here

As more and more sensitive data is transmitted across increasingly large-scale data networks, the new SafeNet CN8000 from Gemalto enables enterprises, data center and cloud service providers, to encrypt multiple network links and more traffic while providing unparalleled performance and security.

High-Capacity, High-Density, Multi-Link Encryption

Designed for organizations that operate large-scale, high-capacity Layer 2 networks, the SafeNet CN8000 Multi-Link High Speed Ethernet Encryptor (HSE) solution provides the equivalent of 10 by 10 Gbps high-speed encryptors in one compact 4U unit.

With a total encrypted bandwidth of 100 Gbps, the CN8000’s ten by 10 Gbps multi-link design enables multitenancy, providing flexibility to organizations that require separation between specific sensitive data and network links.

No Compromise on Security and Performance

 As more large enterprises and service providers deploy additional network links at increased speeds across their networks to support growing bandwidth demands, the CN8000 like the other encryptors in the SafeNet HSE family, enables cost-effective implementation of high-speed encryption across more network links – protecting sensitive data from interception without compromising network speed and performance.

Delivering exceptional encrypted throughput in a compact and energy-efficient form, the SafeNet HSE family offer best-of-breed encryption and key management; near zero latency; zero network overheads and set-and-forget simplicity.


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Make High Speed Work for You

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