StorageSecure 1.5.21 released

We are pleased to announce the release of StorageSecure 1.5.21. Following on from the previous release, we have extended Proxy Loopback Monitoring (PLM) for VIP Loss Detection/Correction capabilities for enhanced resilience. PLM is used to monitor, detect and correct a VIP loss, loss of file access between client and server. This prevents instances where the loss of the VIP goes undetected, causing issues and customer down time. A reboot will correct this VIP loss condition where proxy is involved. The newest release has added more flexibility to the PLM control properties by allowing the iStack loopback test and SEP loopback test to be disabled during the protocol loopback tests.

The 1.5.21 release is available to registered users on the Service Portal:

StorageSecure 1.5.21 Full Package (doc ID: DOW3928)

StorageSecure 1.5.21 Customer Release Notes (CRN) (doc ID: DOW3929)