MobilePASS version 8.4.3 for iOS- Release Update

We’d like to inform you that an updated version of MobilePASS for iOS – MobilePASS version 8.4.3 for iOS will be available from October 6, 2015 on the App Store.

New Features and Enhancements

The release solves an issue that was identified after the release of iOS 9 regarding the use of MobilePASS Time-based tokens which resulted in OTP values being displayed repeatedly. This issue has now been resolved and MobilePASS no longer repeats the same OTP when working on iOS 9, configured with a 12-hour time format.

In addition we would like to highlight a new feature of iOS 9 which slightly affects the user experience during the Auto-enrollment process. With iOS 9, users will be required to provide explicit approval while opening the MobilePASS application during the Auto-enrollment process when initiated from the browser. This is an OS security enhancement which is applicable to any application and is not specific to MobilePASS.

iOS Platform Support

    • MobilePASS 8.4.3 is supported on devices running iOS 6 and above.

Upgrade Advisory

    • MobilePASS 8.4.3 for iOS can be upgraded from MobilePASS 8.4 and above.

Additional details of this release are available in the CRN.