Enhancements to OTP Seed Delivery Process

Please be advised that in order to improve OTP seed delivery security and efficiency for SafeNet Authentication Manager OTP and SPA products, the Gemalto Operations team has introduced a new process for delivering OTP Seed Files to customers, as outlined below:

    • As of early December 2015, OTP seed files will be delivered electronically via email, and not on CD as has been the case until now (customers who need delivery of the seed file on CD should submit a CPB request).
    • Customers will in practice receive two emails from Gemalto: One email that contains the encrypted OTP seed file and a second separate email containing the password that unlocks the encrypted file. Both emails will be sent to the email address that is specified on the Purchase Order for seed file and password sending (this is required in the PO).
    • The emails will be sent from “Gemalto Support [Do-Not-Reply@Gemalto.com]”, which is an auto generated e-mail. The email includes the Gemalto support details in case you have questions.

If you have any questions about this process, please consult your Gemalto account manager.