MobilePKI with Bluetooth Smart

We are excited to announce availability of our new MobilePKI Bluetooth Smart offering that allows for PKI authentication on any device, including mobile phones and tablets. MobilePKI is the solution to one of today’s most important security dilemmas: How to extend PKI security to mobile devices, most of which lack embedded card readers or USB ports. Using Bluetooth connectivity, MobilePKI enables PKI-based authentication and other PKI-enabled capabilities such as digital signing and encrypted email on any device.

We are offering two MobilePKI solution bundles:

1. MobilePKI for certificate authorities and solution developers–provides ISVs, system integrators, certificate authorities and trust centers with a solution for developing PKI applications on mobile endpoints
2. MobilePKI for enterprise use cases–allows enterprise IT departments to extend the use of PKI credentials to mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows laptops)