PRODUCT LAUNCH: SafeNet KeySecure 8.3

SafeNet KeySecure 8.3 – Featuring Usability Improvements

SafeNet KeySecure 8.3 is now available, with an emphasis on usability improvements. Benefit from security enhancements to the Management Console, the ability to select TLS versions for use within your organization, as well as better control over key deployment and replication within a clustered environment.  Improved capabilities include: 

  • Specify the state (Active, Restricted, or Retired) when creating a new version of an existing key in the Management Console and the NAE-XML interface.
  • When KeySecure is in cluster, retry replication of specific key versions in the Cluster Retry Replication page (Device >> Cluster >> Cluster Replication Status).
  • When KeySecure is in cluster, view replication status information for particular versions on the Key Versions tab of a key’s properties.

SafeNet Virtual KeySecure 8.3 is also now available on the AWS Marketplace, including updated technical documentation.

For additional product information contact your local Gemalto Sales representative.  Features and benefits can also be found in the SafeNet KeySecure Product Brief