SafeNet Authentication Client 10.0 – Release Announcement

We are pleased to announce the release of SafeNet Authentication Client 10.0. This is an exciting first step to bringing together the core competencies of SafeNet Authentication Client with Gemalto smart cards.

SafeNet Authentication Client is available for download from the Gemalto Service Portal, DOW4221.

New Key Features

    • SAC 10.0 supports Gemalto ID Prime MD smart cards

      o IDPrime MD 830-FIPS
      o IDPrime MD 830-ICP
      o IDPrime MD 3810
      o IDPrime MD 3810 MIFARE 1K
    • The Customization Tool was enhanced to include the following:

      o IDGo 800 Minidriver, and Gemalto PKCS#11 proxy library for backward compatibility.
      o A new dynamic packaging mechanism, whereby the customized .msi file size varies according to the features selected.
      o .msi Files are now signed using the SHA 2 algorithm.
      o The addition of the language field to the General Settings window.
    • The SAC UI and documentation were modified to reflect Gemalto branding.