SafeNet MobilePASS v. 8.4.4 for iOS – Release Update

We’d like to advise you that SafeNet MobilePASS version 8.4.4 for iOS will be available for download from the App store from April 18, 2016.

SafeNet MobilePASS 8.4.4 for iOS is a maintenance release. It enhances accessibility, and resolves several security issues.

New Features and Enhancements

    • Accessibility- When the iOS VoiceOver feature is activated, SafeNet MobilePASS 8.4.4 for iOS operates with a spoken interface.
    • Security Enhancements- Several security issues have been resolved.

    • Default Token Name- The MobilePASS default token name for the first token is taken from the user name as configured in SAS. After activation, the default token name includes the user name.

Upgrade Advisory

    • Existing Installations of MobilePASS- Existing installations of MobilePASS will continue to work with the current versions of the authentication servers. The new clients will continue to work with the existing versions of the authentication platforms, and will comply with the new features when available in the authentication servers.

    • Server-side PIN Policy- In previous versions of MobilePASS, special characters were accepted as part of the server-side PIN. This behavior has been fixed to comply with server-side PIN policies supported by MobilePASS. A detailed table of this PIN policy behavior is available on page 2 of the CRN.

Additional details of this release are available in the CRN.