SafeNet Crypto Command Center version 2.1 now available

SafeNet Crypto Command Center version 2.1:  Featuring crypto resource reporting, per partition security officer, and REST API for HSM management

We are excited to announce that SafeNet Crypto Command Center version 2.1 has now been released. Continuing our efforts to improve user experience and functionality, this latest version offers improved security, dynamic crypto resource reporting, quick set up, customer owned keys and partitions, and now integration with SafeNet Network HSM versions 6.1 and 6.2.

Crypto Resource Reporting
Dynamic reporting provides SafeNet Crypto Command Center administrators with crypto resource information that can be viewed, printed, or extracted to CSV for further analysis.


  • Better high availability (HA) management: SafeNet Crypto Command Center provides dynamic HA member information, solving a lack of visibility as to where HA members are located. Additionally, when importing services, automatically detect which partitions should be grouped into a HA cluster.
  • Improved client visibility: it is often difficult to determine which clients are associated with what services. SafeNet Crypto Command Center provides this information, reflecting changes as they are made in the system.
  • Enhanced resource management: in the past, users had to search each individual device to obtain resource information, then record that data offline to make capacity-related decisions. SafeNet Crypto Command Center provides a central view of all resources, making it easy to decide where to deploy new services and plan for future growth.
  • On-demand crypto resource reporting: Crypto as a Service administrators make frequent changes to crypto resources. As the number of resources grows, so does the complexity of keeping track of the device versions, software versions, device serial numbers, and partition-related information. Inaccurate or out-of-date information can reduce efficiencies and the administrator’s effectiveness in managing crypto resources. With SafeNet Crypto Command Center users can obtain this information on demand.

Per Partition Security Officer (PPSO)

Assign a unique Security Officer for each HSM partition, streamline PED operations, and defer HSM initialization and activation.



  • PPSO provides secure multitenancy by allowing multiple security officers to have comprehensive partition control on a single device, even in public cloud environments. Multitenancy leads to device sharing, economies of scale, and lower total cost of ownership.
  • Service Providers can offer partitions as rentable services and guarantee customer-owned keys and partitions.
  • Simplify complex activation and initialization processes with SafeNet Crypto Command Center wizards; and quickly set up a PPSO-type partition.

Support for SA REST API
SafeNet Crypto Command Center now uses the appliance’s REST API to communicate with the SafeNet Network HSM.


  • REST API on the SafeNet Network HSM is versioned, providing a stronger upgrade path.
  • API speeds up the interaction between SafeNet Crypto Command Center and the appliance.
  • Improves security.


A reminder that you can try out SafeNet Command Center Freemium License – a free trial version designed for non-production environments.

For additional information please read through the SafeNet Crypto Command Center product brief or contact your Gemalto Sales Representative.