SafeNet HSM v6.2.1 now Available

Gemalto announces the availability of SafeNet HSM version 6.2.1. SafeNet HSM version 6.2.1 provides significant operational benefits to FIPS 140-2 Level 3 (PED Authenticated) HSMs as it now supports a more firewall friendly Remote PED configuration option. In addition, a REST Management API is now available, allowing increased automation of administrative tasks. SafeNet HSM version 6.2.1 is the recommended release for all customers who have adopted SafeNet Luna version 6 as it consolidates patches created for the 6.0, 6.1, and 6.2 releases and has been validated against the top 10 most common 3rd party product integrations.


What’s new and important in this release?

  • The SafeNet Remote PED now supports the ability to initiate Remote PED communications from the system the Remote PED is attached to, eliminating the requirement to support outbound uninitiated connections on the firewall protecting the HSM.
  • REST Management API automating management of common tasks such as network configuration, appliance systems management, HSM management (partition mgmt., upgrades, policies, licenses, etc.), and NTLS client management to name a few of the management aspects supported.
  • Re-Introduced support for Small Form Factor (SFF) Backups, which is now non-destructive and supported with firmware version 6.24.2 and later
  • Continued High Availability improvements


How to access the 6.2.1 Release

The 6.2.1 release is available on the SafeNet Support Portal and will be listed as a current recommended version in the future.




SafeNet HSM v6.2.1 Customer release notes


SafeNet HSM v6.2.1 Upgrade instructions

Included in the release notes (DOW4382)

SafeNet HSM v6.2.1 Client


SafeNet Network HSM


SafeNet HSM v6.2.1 Online help


SafeNet HSM v6.2.1 Appliance & Firmware update (6.24.2)


SafeNet PCIe HSM


SafeNet HSM v6.2.1 Online help                            


SafeNet HSM v6.2.1 Firmware update (6.24.2)




SafeNet HSM v6.2.1 Online help


SafeNet HSM v6.2.1 Firmware update (6.24.2)