Payment HSM Luna EFT Version 2.1 Released

Gemalto is pleased to announce the release of version 2.1 of the Luna EFT Payment HSM.

Key new Features and Enhancements in the 2.1 release:

  • Multiple Partition Support. As with our general purpose Luna SA network HSMs, partitioning allows the Luna EFT to be divided into multiple logical HSMs. Each partition has its own keys, administrators and configuration. A maximum of 20 partitions can be created giving the equivalent of 20 payment HSMs within a single Luna EFT appliance.
  • One Time Password (OTP) login for the Luna shell over SSH sessions and for the web interface. OTP based authentication allows HSM administrators and partition owners to authenticate without physically inserting their authentication eTokens into the HSM. Used in conjunction with the web interface this removes nearly all reasons for physical access to the HSM; the ideal solution for remote data centres along with cloud and service provider deployments.
  • Merged Australian Major Banks (AMB) Host Functions. The standard Australian banking command set, originally developed by Eracom (now part of Gemalto) is natively integrated into Luna EFT. This allows a single Luna EFT to serve both Australian CECS and international use cases.
  • PCI HSM and APCA certification. As with previous Luna EFT releases, Luna EFT 2.1 is in the process of being certified to both the APCA CECS and PCI-HSM standards.

How to access the 2.1 Release

The 2.1 release is available on the SafeNet Support Portal. The following document ID can be used to access the release:

  • Software upgrade package and documentation Document ID: DOW4530