SafeNet Authentication Client 10.1 and IDCore 30 – Release Announcement

SafeNet Authentication Client 10.1

We are pleased to announce the release of SafeNet Authentication Client 10.1. This is another exciting step in bringing together the core competencies of SafeNet Authentication Client with Gemalto smart cards. This release allows administrators and users to use and manage IDPrime MD and .NET cards via the standard PKCS#11 or Microsoft CSP/KSP interface.

SafeNet Authentication Client is available for download from the Gemalto Support Portal, DOW4469

New Key Features

    • Support for the following IDPrime MD Common Criteria cards:
    o IDPrime MD 840
    o IDPrime MD 3840 – Dual Interface Card
    • Support for SafeNet eToken 5110 Common Criteria
    • Support for SafeNet eToken 5110 FIPS
    • Support for IDPrime MD 3810 – Dual Interface Card
    • Support for IDPrime .NET cards with SafeNet Authentication Client PKCS#11 and IDGo 800 Minidriver
    • Support for unlocking IDPrime MD card range
    • Friendly Admin Password – short user friendly passwords are now supported (on IDPrime MD and eToken 5110 CC devices) instead of using 48 hexadecimal digits.

Ordering Information

    • 909-022005-002-001

SafeNet Authentication Client – User License + 1 year Plus Care

    • 909-022006-002-001

SafeNet Authentication Client – User License + 2 Year Plus Care

    • 909-022007-002-001

SafeNet Authentication Client – User License + 3 Year Plus Care

IDCore 30
The IDCore 30 is the newest release in the IDCore portfolio and benefits from the latest release of Java Card technology standards. The IDCore 30 is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified and has 122 KB flash memory available for applications and data.

New Key Features

    • Flash memory ensures optimization of the memory allocation, extended multi-application capability, large data capacity and lifetime.
    • Easy application deployment thanks to the MPCOS Gemalto applet that can optionally be loaded in the flash memory.
    • Open platform principle and interoperability enable the separation of application development (Applet) from the platform.
    • The IDCore 30 Virtual machine has been highly optimized to offer maximum software performance, making it one of the fastest Java Open Platforms available.

Ordering Information
IDCore 30 can be ordered from the Web store. Order number is O1093446.