Ezio Pico version 2.1 is launched!

Ezio Pico version 2.1 is launched today! Here’s what’s new in this version:

    – Wider compatibility: The new version of Ezio Pico is compatible with the HMAC-SHA256 algorithm, on top of the algorithms used in previous versions. This makes it an attractive solution if you use servers that were previously incompatible with Pico.
    – Simplicity of use: This version makes it easier to sign transactions and to use the device, through three new features:

    – Immediate access to your function: Users no longer need to press “OK” to switch on the device first; pressing the function key is sufficient.

    – Automatic data entry: Users now go automatically to the next line when they have reached the maximum number of characters; also, pressing “OK” when they’re done will eliminate the need to fill in subsequent fields.

    – A user using the device for the first time can now choose to set the PIN code later.

    – Higher security: Ezio Pico v2.1 ensures higher security by requiring the PIN code to be presented at each protected function launch.

You can contact your support team or regular account manager to get more details on this release.