Product Update: SafeNet Crypto Command Center 2.2.1 Now Available

SafeNet Crypto Command Center 2.2.1: Featuring Secure Trusted Channel (STC), as well as Oracle and Red Hat support

STC:  Benefit from improved secure communication through STC links between managed SafeNet Luna Network HSM partitions (software version 6.2.1 or higher and firmware version 6.24.2 or higher) and crypto application servers. With STC, client access is limited to systems possessing a registered software or hardware token. STC secures messages using endpoint and message authentication, verification, and encryption. The HSM/client communication integrity is ensured with STC, even when those messages are sent over public, or otherwise unsecured networks.

Oracle: Version 2.2.1 now supports Oracle database for use by SafeNet Crypto Command Center, in addition to PostgreSQL.

Red Hat: SafeNet Crypto Command Center 2.2.1 now supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux (REHL) and its open source derivative CentOS.

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