PKI Authentication Product Releases: SAC 10.2; IDPrime MD 830; SAM Hotfix

We are pleased to announce the release and updates of the following new PKI authentication products:
SafeNet Authentication Client 10.2DOW4586.


SafeNet Authentication Client 10.2 introduces support for PIN pad readers and the newly released Hybrid IDPrime MD 830. Supported PIN pad readers include:

    • Gemalto IDBridge CT700
    • Gemalto IDBridge CT710
    • Ezio Shield Pro
    • Ezio Bluetooth Reader
    • Ezio BLE

Hybrid Version of IDPrime MD 830

A new hybrid version of the IDPrime MD 830 smart card with support for contactless card body and physical access control is now available.

    • Reference: IDPrime MD 831 B FIPS 140-2 L3 HID/ card body — O1095606

SafeNet Authentication Manager 8.2- Release Update

We would like to inform you that an updated version of SafeNet Authentication Manager (SAM) 8.2 – is now available for download from the Gemalto Service Portal (DOW4585).

This is a maintenance release. It resolves several issues and consists of the following:

    • SAM hotfix version
    • SRP hotfix version
    • SafeNet OTP Authentication Plugin version 8.2.55