SafeNet Authentication Service PCE/SPE 3.5.4 – Release Announcement

We are pleased to inform you that SafeNet Authentication Service PCE/SPE 3.5.4 is now available for download from the Gemalto Service Portal DOW4627.

This general availability release includes enhancements and issues resolved since the previous release.

New Features and Enhancements

    • HSM PSE 2 Integration Support – For Hardware Security Module ProtectServer External (HSM PSE) 2. The SafeNet Authentication Service server can use the PSE 2 HSMs for encrypting sensitive data.

    • Biometric PIN – SafeNet MobilePASS+ for iOS 1.2.2 (and later) supports Touch ID for iOS when logging in with a PIN-protected token. This is platform agnostic in SafeNet Authentication Service, and will support Android, once MP+ Android support it.

    • QR Code – SafeNet MobilePASS+ v1.2 (and later) for iOS and Android introduces support for QR Code Enrollment.

    • Pre-authentication Rules for Synchronized Active Directory Password Validation – AD synchronized passwords are also now available in pre-authentication rules.