SafeNet Ethernet Encryptor CN9100 – GA Announcement

100 Gbps High Speed Mega Data In Motion Encryption
At full line rate it encrypts the equivalent of 20,000 HD movies in just one second.

Delivering 100,000,000,000 bits per second of high-assurance data encryption, the SafeNet Ethernet Encryptor CN9100 (CN9100) provides mega data security (100 Gbps) and high speed network performance with ultra-low latency (<2 μS). Safeguard data in motion with high speed Layer 2 encryption proven to meet network performance demands for real-time low latency and near-zero overhead, ensuring security without compromise for big, or even mega data transmitted over networks across data centers and the cloud.

Safenet High Speed Encryptors:  No Compromise on Security and Performance

Addressing the need for high-assurance, highly resilient line-rate encryption, the CN9100 enable efficient implementation of high speed encryption across more network links – protecting their sensitive data from interception without compromising their networks’ demand for mega speed and performance. Designed for certified security, CN9100 is in process for Common Criteria and FIPS 140-2 Level 3. It supports wide range of elliptic curves (Safe Curves, Brainpool, and NIST) including custom curves and custom entropy. Delivering exceptional encrypted throughput in a compact 1U unit, the CN9100 offers best-of-breed encryption and key management; near zero latency; zero network overhead and set-and-forget simplicity.

Target Market:  Bigger  Bandwidth, Better Security

The SafeNet Ethernet Encryptor CN9100 meets the ever-increasing growth in data volumes and demand for higher bandwidth Ethernet services. It provides 100 Gbps highly secure, full line rate transparent encryption of all voice, video and data communications moving across dark fibre, and to metro or wide area (MAN or WAN) and Carrier Ethernet networks. Ideally suited to encrypt provider networks, data center interconnect and disaster recovery links, it supports all network topologies including multi-point to multi-point environments.

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