Ezio Flex BLE OATH Token is launched!

Corporate eBanking is increasingly being targeted by fraudulent attacks. The values involved tend to be high – meaning that the consequences of these attacks are dramatic, and directly affect cash flow and the bottom line.

Ezio Flex helps corporations mitigate the risk of fraud by bringing a high level of security – while adding even more convenience for the end user.

Ezio Flex is a thin and user-friendly token for strong authentication and transaction data signing that brings maximum flexibility:

– The flexibility to validate and sign all kinds of transactions – from the simplest to the most security-sensitive;
– The flexibility to perform eBanking from any device – laptop, smartphone or tablet;
– The flexibility to use Bluetooth connectivity – or not (for a smooth migration to connected mode).

And it requires no manual entry, so it turns a clunky user experience into one that is simple, fast, and accurate.

Get in touch with your Gemalto salesperson to find out more!

Ezio Marketing