Ensuring Security and Compliance in the Cloud – SafeNet ProtectV™ 4.1

Single Pane of Glass Security Management Across Cloud-Enabled Environments

SafeNet ProtectV™ provides full disk encryption of bare metal servers, virtual machines and cloud instances so your customers can securely run even your most sensitive workloads or any highly regulated data in the cloud. Whether using Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Hyper-V, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS GovCloud, IBM Bluemix (formerly SoftLayer), or VMware vSphere, SafeNet ProtectV ensures cloud-enabled security across multiple cloud/hybrid environments.

With SafeNet ProtectV 4.1, your customers can now deploy ProtectV on Microsoft Hyper-V, further enhancing SafeNet ProtectV’s rich ecosystem for single pane of glass security management to protect physical servers, virtual machines and cloud instances across virtual and cloud-enabled environments.  SafeNet ProtectV 4.1 provides cross cloud/site ProtectV Manager clustering capabilities. External gateways now retain configuration data when connecting to multiple ProtectV Managers, and an external database is no longer required to configure active/active ProtectV Managers. Unlike many competing solutions, SafeNet ProtectV can perform encryption of XFS disks containing data. In addition SafeNet ProtectV 4.1 supports RESTful APIs, AWS Amazon Linux HVM instances, VMware vSphere 6.5 and 5.5 browser clients, SUSE 11SP4 and CentOS 6.8 and 6.7 clients. 


  • Support for Microsoft Hyper-V
    • SafeNet ProtectV 4.1 extends support for Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Decryption of Volumes
    • SafeNet ProtectV 4.1 allows decryption of encrypted volumes on client instances.
  • IBM Bluemix Cloud extended support
    • SafeNet ProtectV 4.1 adds support for encryption of IBM Bluemix bare metal servers running Windows platforms.
    • SafeNet ProtectV 4.0 added support for encryption of the SafeNet ProtectV Manager’s disk in the IBM Bluemix cloud.
  • Cluster-Aware SafeNet ProtectV Gateway
    • An external ProtectV Gateway can now communicate with any of the multiple nodes in a ProtectV Manager cluster.  Prior to ProtectV 4.1, every ProtectV Gateway required a separate ProtectV Manager. When a new cluster node is added, ProtectV Gateway automatically establishes connection with it. If a ProtectV Manager goes down, ProtectV Gateway starts communicating with another node in the cluster. Please note for this configuration, replication among ProtectV Manager nodes in the cluster, must be synchronous.
  • SafeNet ProtectV Manager Clustering
    • In SafeNet ProtectV 4.0 we introduced SafeNet ProtectV Manager Clustering (active/active ProtectV Managers (PVM)) without the need of an external database.  If one PVM goes down, another PVM server starts offering SafeNet ProtectV services automatically. This feature is applicable to SafeNet ProtectV Managers configured with local databases and local SafeNet ProtectV Gateways.
  • Cluster Rejoin
    • A SafeNet ProtectV Manager node removed from a cluster can rejoin it later if needed.
  • RESTful APIs Included
    • SafeNet ProtectV 4.0 introduced a new set of RESTful APIs to help perform certain tasks from the command line.  These tasks can also be performed on the SafeNet ProtectV Manager Interface.
  • Additional Client Support:
    • SafeNet ProtectV 4.1 introduces support for VMware vSphere 6.5 and 5.5 browser clients, AWS Amazon Linux HVM instances, SUSE 11SP4, CentOS 6.8 and 6.7.
  • Encryption of XFS Data Disks Containing Data
    • Commencing from 4.0, SafeNet ProtectV supports encryption of data partitions with the XFS file system.  Non-empty XFS data partitions require a work disk of the same size as the data partition.
  • Command to Update ProtectV Manager Database Password
    • A new command pvmctl updatedbpass has been added to update the password of the ProtectV Manager database.


SafeNet ProtectV 4.0 is available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace (BYOL), IBM Marketplace, via direct sales, on the Gemalto eService Support Portal and SafeNet Cloud Provisioning System.


Please visit the support portal for the latest SafeNet ProtectV 4.1 support guides. 

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