Migrating Sensitive Data Securely to the Cloud with Gemalto

Customer Success Story: Informa migrates sensitive data securely to the cloud — while complying with PCI DSS and European Data Protection Laws using Gemalto solutions.  

Read the full story to learn more about using SafeNet ProtectV and SafeNet KeySecure for robust encryption and seamless integration when migrating from a physical data center to an external cloud environment.

Featured Products: SafeNet KeySecure and SafeNet ProtectV

Industry: Telecom and Media

Customer Challenge: The customer sought a solution that would provide robust encryption and seamless integration when migrating from a physical data center to an external cloud environment (AWS).

About: Informa, a business information provider, was looking to migrate their entire European data center to the cloud. When charting their cloud migration path, the company also sought a solution that would provide robust encryption, protecting their sensitive customer and employee data (including information like customer and employee records, and credit card details). Informa also wanted to retain the controls and visibility required to adhere to the strict internal security policies of their organization, and safeguard this sensitive information against access by unauthorized users. Another key requirement of their encryption solution was to help them meet external security mandates, including European Data Protection laws related to the external storage of employee and customer data. Because the organization manages the credit card data and other payment information of its customers, they also needed to continue to ensure compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Informa was able to meet all of these requirements by using Gemalto’s SafeNet KeySecure for centralized key management and SafeNet ProtectV, which provides full disk encryption of bare metal servers, virtual machines and cloud instances so customers can securely run even their most sensitive workloads or any highly regulated data in the cloud. SafeNet KeySecure also enabled the Informa team to securely manage cryptographic keys in a hardened appliance on-premise, and ensured that access to these keys remained in their control at all times.