Luna XML – End of Good Faith Support

Luna XML – End of Good Faith Support

Gemalto would like to remind Luna XML customers that this product completed the period of good faith support on 30 April 2017. As a consequence, the Luna XML product is now fully end of support for both appliance hardware and software.

Product numbers affected by this announcement:

908-000100-001 LUNA XML BUNDLE,PED-AUTH,1HSMP,1280 OBJ,V1.0,FW4.6.1,ROHS

908-64000-001 LUNA XML,PED-AUTH,1HSMP,1280 OBJ,V1.0,FW 4.6.1,ROHS

908-64000-002 LUNA XML,PED-AUTH,1HSMP(MAX),1280OBJ,CL,FW4.6.1,SW V1.1,ROHS


908-64002-002 LUNA XML,PWD-AUTH,1HSMP (MAX),1280OBJ,CL,FW4.6.8,SW

If you are still using the Luna XML product, please contact your Gemalto sales representative to discuss alternative HSM products which can meet your needs.