EOL/EOS Notification: eTokens, ID Prove Display Card, & IDPrime .NET and IDPrime .NET Bio Smart Cards

As part of our ongoing product communications, we would like to remind you that effective June 30, 2017, the following products will be End-of-Life (EOL):

  • eToken 4100  Smartcard             
  • eToken
    5100/5105  Token    
  • eToken
    5200/5205  Token    
  • eToken
    NG-OTP     Token    
  • IDProve
    Display Card

View End-of-Life announcement for eToken 4100, 5100/5105, 5200/5205 and NG-OTP.

View End-of-Life announcement for IDProve Display Card.


Effective September 30, 2017, Gemalto will discontinue selling the following IDPrime .Net and
IDPrime .NET Bio smart cards to customers and it will no longer be available for purchase:

  • IDPrime
    .NET 510/511 
  • IDPrime
    .NET Bio 5510

View End-of-Sale announcement for IDPrime.NET 510/511 and IDPrime.NET Bio 5510.

For more information please contact your Gemalto Sales representative.