SafeNet Trusted Access – Product Release Announcement

We are pleased to announce that SafeNet Trusted Access (STA) has been updated with the following features: 

  • Denial of Access – Introduces the ability to configure denial of access through STA policies. This feature helps you better protect your cloud applications and the assets they contain by blocking access under contextual conditions of your choice, or blocking access for certain groups of users.
  • OS Condition – Introduces the option to use the Operating System (OS) of the end-user’s device as a contextual condition in your STA access policies, thereby allowing you to grant or deny access, or to adjust the authentication requirements based on that information.
  • IP Address in Access Logs – Enhances the STA access logs by adding the originating IP address as a new field in the logs, thereby providing increased visibility into the source of each access attempt. 
  • Reason for Deny or Fail –  Provides the reason for a denied or failed access attempt in STA access logs, adding additional information for help desk support or auditing purposes.