Gemalto Mobile Protector & Secure Messenger SDK v4.5.1 and Gemalto FaceID SDK 1.5.1 are now available!

These new versions bring the following improvements:

  • Easier to use Secure Messenger: Thanks to the Mobile Signing Protocol, developers working with Mobile Secure Messenger no longer need to worry about how to format their data to authenticate users or sign transactions They just provide their data to the MSP protocol, which then formats them on the server side and decodes them automatically on the client side.
  • Enhanced security: With new security features, FaceID authentication now protects its library even better against code-lifting – thereby guaranteeing that users’ biometric templates cannot be copied.

N.B.: Gemalto FaceID SDK 1.5.1 and Mobile Protector SDK 4.5.1 with FaceID must replace all previous versions of FaceID POC/pilots (both standalone and in the Protector SDK), as they will stop working on October 31.

Feel free to contact your support team or regular account manager if you have questions.