Customer Release Notes Available for SafeNet Tokenization v8.7.1

Customer release notes for SafeNet Tokenization v8.7.1 are now available for download. This release includes the following enhancements:

Support for Database

  • Added Support for Informix

Adding Support for MySQL Server 5.7

  • Assuring SSL connection can be made to DB Servers.
  • Supporting jdbcUrlOverride for Utilities

Vaultless Tokenization

  • Adding Support for Alphanumeric token formats
  • Added support for Alphanumeric in web services
  • Enhanced Logging (Tokenization/Detokenization)

Download Customer Release Notes.*

Please review the Advisory Notes and the Resolved and Known Issues sections of the release notes for any limitations and/or restrictions.

*Note: Registered users may access the documents via the Gemalto Support Portal. Should you need assistance logging in, please contact the SafeNet Support team at 800-545-6608 (US customers) or +1 410-931-7520 (International customers).