Introducing SafeNet Luna HSM 7.1

SafeNet Luna HSM 7.1 is now available, including enhancements for SafeNet Luna Network HSM and SafeNet Luna PCIe HSM.

What’s New

  • Flexible Partition Policies – set policies on each partition to match your use case
    • Keys in hardware as a default, for the strongest key security (PKI, Code Signing, Blockchain)
    • Exporting private keys to be embedded in devices (Secure Manufacturing, IoT, Smart Metering)
  • HSM and Partition Policy Templates
    • Set consistent policies for your HSMs and Partitions
  • SafeNet Luna Network HSM Clients for AIX and Solaris
    • Customer applications on Unix OS

SafeNet Luna HSM 7 Product Highlights

A reminder that SafeNet Luna HSM 7 has many market-leading features, including up to 20,000 ECC transactions per second, and provides the highest levels of security and compliance.  Additional highlights include hardware updates such as 4 network ports with bonding capabilities, IPv6 support, simpler mounting options, and locking bezels.

  • It’s fast! Over 20,000 ECC and 10,000 RSA operations/second
  • Lower latency for improved efficiency
  • Highest Security & Compliance – keys always remain in FIPS-validated, tamper-evident hardware
  • Meet compliance needs for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, eIDAS, IoT, Blockchain, and more
  • De facto standard for the cloud
  • Multiple roles for strong separation of duties
  • Multi person MofN with multi-factor authentication for increased security
  • Secure audit logging
  • HSMs now shipped in Secure Transport Mode (STM)

For further details:

Please contact your Gemalto Sales Representative for additional information.