Gemalto Mobile Protector & Secure Messenger SDK v4.6 is now available!

The new version of Gemalto Mobile Protector & Secure Messenger SDK brings the following improvements:

1. Enhanced security on Android
– The SDK now offers even greater protection against reverse engineering, thanks to native code used for its most sensitive parts (e.g. cryptographic operations and OTP generation), and Gemalto’s latest and unique code-obfuscation techniques;
– Security improvements on root / hooking / debugger detection.

2. Apple Face ID support on iPhone X:
To comply with Apple guidelines, Gemalto FaceID is disabled and replaced by Apple Face ID when the latter is available.

3. Improved user experience:
– More attractive user interface on the Security Keypad (with gradient colors and the possibility to choose from a pre-defined color palette);
– App developers can disable the “Delete” button in the Security Keypad, if this is not necessary.

Contact your support team or regular account manager if you have questions.