CAS v7.7 is now available!

This release is an upgrade that brings some enhancements in security, performance, and functionality:

– Easier DCV implementation: CAS v7.7 now supports DCV cards that derive their keys from a master key stored on SafeNet Payment HSM. CAS v7.7 enables one-step provisioning of these cards, with a batch file.

– Simpler device identification process: Instead of defining internally how to differentiate between one user’s multiple devices, banks can now let end users do this (e.g. enter device name or model) and store the information in CAS. The information will then be presented in the admin portal.

– Provisions batches more quickly: CAS v7.7 provisions faster in batch mode – thanks to a new engine with faster XML parsing.

– Brings more flexible rights management for batch provisioning features: CAS v7.7 now has a more granular privilege system for batch provisioning operations, with three extra privileges for each batch provisioning type instead of one for all types.

Feel free to contact your support team or account manager to find out more!